Conscious and Connected Parenting

Parenting can be hard!

Parenting in the 21st century can be baffling and overwhelming, but you are not alone!

There are several ways to connect and benefit from my support: 

Parenting Offerings

Mindful Parenting

1:1 consulting


web conferencing

and in-person


I began teaching in a Montessori classroom in 1995 and have fine-tuned my understanding and beliefs about children, families, and human potential over the years. Throughout the past several decades, and as a result of working with countless families, I have witnessed the power of focusing on and supporting children and families from the inside out.

Peace on earth begins in our homes. We discover peace in ourselves and then extend that to our family relationships, and gradually that pervading experience influences our societies. 


    • Peace with yourself. Knowing yourself and your past is essential in supporting your developing child. We all have things that work for us and things that don’t.  Investigating and being open-minded helps us connect more deeply with our children. It is how we show up and grow that matters most.
    • Peace with your relationships. Building meaningful connections using strong communication, solid boundaries, vulnerability, respect, honesty, trust, kindness, and empathy, being gentle and forgiving with yourself and others, and having an attitude of gratitude brings peace to your parenting journey. 
    • Peace in your home. Prepare your environment. Clear the clutter, and manage toys and belongings. Pare down and arrange to create calming and nourishing indoor and outdoor spaces.

Mindful Parenting Classes

Using S.T.E.P. 

(Systematic Training for Effective Parenting)

for all aged children

6-weeks, 90-minute class 1x week

web conferencing and in-person options available


Topics Covered Include:

  • Understanding yourself and your child
  • Understanding beliefs and feelings
  • Listening and talking to your child
  • Reflective listening and I-messages
  • Natural and logical consequences
  • Increasing cooperation
  • Identifying the goals of misbehavior
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • And.. much more!

The next class begins soon!

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Mindful Parenting

Monthly Group- Coming Soon

Join together for discussion, support, and problem-solving


Possible Topics:

  • Sharing experiences and feelings with other parents
  • Supporting each other as parents and as people
  • Celebrating what’s going well
  • Problem-solving what’s not going well
  • Encouraging each other
  • Asking questions
  • Reviewing S.T.E.P principles
  • Laughing
  • Remembering our shared humanity!

This offering is available for families who have completed the Mindful Parenting Class or have worked through the curriculum with Micaela.

What families are saying about Mindful STEP Parenting:


  • 100% of participants feel that this STEP course supported and improved relationships with their family members.
  • 100% of the course participants reported learning information that is developing their parenting skills in positive and helpful ways.
  • All of the participants have noted significant improvement in their ability to identify their child’s goals for misbehaving, and therefore to act accordingly in response.
  • 100% of participants thus far would recommend this course to other parents.

“This class provided a calm, open, and honest space to learn very useful tools, share and ask questions specific to each family, and receive valuable advice.”


“I really appreciated and enjoyed participating in Mindful Parenting STEP Workshop. It was a great way to connect with other parents facing similar and unique challenges and provided an intimate and safe community to share and learn with.”


“The STEP method is clear and aligned with my values for parenting and really helped me better understand both myself and my child. The workshop helped our family become closer by teaching us how to better love and respect each other as well as have more fun together. Highly recommend!”


“The information about child behavior presented in this class has tremendously bolstered my confidence and ability to raise my child in a kind AND effective manner.”


“Within just a week of taking this class, we were able to use the tools shared by Debby and Micaela to bring more peace and joy to our home. They gave us tools to understand WHY our child might be acting out, and provided us with the tools to address challenges as they arise. Our entire family (kiddo included) is happier, more connected, and more centered after going through this course. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to sign up, I highly suggest diving in, you won’t regret it. “