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“trust yourself.

Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames…”
-Golda Meir

Let’s Connect!

Are you waiting for something external to bring you happiness and fulfillment?

How would connection, compassion, and empowerment improve your quality of life?

As an Integrated wellness life coach, I offer you a heart-centered approach to women’s issues, women’s bodies, and women’s souls.


Parenting can be hard!

Parenting in the 21st century can be baffling and overwhelming, but you are not alone!
Micaela Raine

About Integrated Wellness

I’m Micaela Watters Small Raine and I offer you parenting and wellness guidance on your life journey. Integrated Wellness Coaching provides a heart-centered approach to families with children as well as women. No matter what challenges, struggles, fears, or frustrations you may be holding, I encourage you to trust that you have everything you need within. I will help you find it!

Client Experiences


I feel at ease sharing my story with Micaela. She is compassionate, warm-hearted, and trustworthy. Micaela is keenly aware of others and intuitively hones in on them. She is professional, personal, and truly gifted in many areas. She uses her skills of creativity, intuition, and exemplary listening skills and helps others become aware of their own strengths and supports opportunities for flourishing and growing. Micaela is an understanding, empathic, joyful, loving, and compassionate person who radiates positivity and enthusiasm about doing "the work" herself and well as with others.

Diana R. S.
Cochranville, Pennsylvania

My experience with Micaela can be described as transformative. Micaela exudes genuine gentleness and softness. She guides with her heart and you immediately feel welcomed into a safe and calm space. Micaela is a good listener who transforms mistakes into experiences of growth. My connection with Micaela was instantaneous. She is an ally who understands me both as a mother and as a woman. Her teachings and practical advice are based on her life experiences and come from a gentle heart ready to offer support when you need it most.

Ali S.
Richmond, Virginia

Micaela’s empathy shines through in all the work she does. Her ongoing dedication to her own growth and wellness renders her available to meet people in all stages of theirs. She listens more carefully than most and gives feedback in a way that feels completely supportive while remaining spacious. Her sense of humor is another strength – her ability to find small spaces for lightness while remaining reverent of what can't be laughed off. I learn something EVERY TIME I'm with her!

Phoebe F.
Charlottesville, Virginia

I benefited so much from working with Micaela. Her ability to listen and ask questions helped me clarify concerns and needs and identify deeper layers underneath. She used the same inquiry skill to help me learn about and understand my children. After this discovery phase, Micaela supported me in thinking through what I could control and change and accepting the things I could not.

Stasia G. 
Charlottesville, Virginia

“You deserve to have a wonderful life

filled with love, abundance, good friends, excellent health, and loving relationships. Your Higher Self is completely abundant, and as you open to your higher good you are aligning with your Higher Self. Start by believing that a good life is naturally yours, not something you have to earn or pay for. It is the higher plan of the universe for all beings to have lives of beauty, harmony, and abundance.”
A quote from the book Spiritual Growth